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It's big, it's bright, it's bold, it's BLUE!

BLUE! is now located on the 4th floor.

BLUE! will delight children and adults with an immersive, hands-on exhibit featuring molded foam blocks of all shapes and sizes, from small enough to use on a tabletop to huge enough to climb on – and all blue. When choices about color are removed, the focus naturally shifts to more spatial and engineering considerations. Use enormous blue foam blocks to build mini-cities! Be an engineer as you work with small and medium-size blue blocks – fun for all ages!

All generations are encouraged to think and explore in BLUE!. The exhibit improve gross-motor and fine-motor manipulation skills and fosters multi-generational group-play experiences. Visitors configure their environment and design their own experience with blocks in unstructured, imaginative play that stretches muscles and minds. Even the youngest children will enjoy exploring the BLUE! Our gallery guide will give you ideas for your visit.

BLUE! encourages visitors to build it, try it, and build it again. An important part of engineering and design is testing ideas. Architects, engineers, and builders may try many things before they get it right. Try making a simple bridge, and see how many other blocks the bridge can support. How can the design change to hold more weight? The exhibit encourages thought about making a strong foundation and starting with a smaller-scale model of a big project – whether it's a skyscraper, a pyramid, a bridge, or even a doghouse!

With hands-on exploration, BLUE! helps visitors understand gravity, mass, and distribution of load. It encourages visitors to note how a building's stability changes as it increases in height. People of all ages can explore the importance of making a floor plan and a design.

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