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Themed Field Trips

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In partnership with American Chemical Society
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3/4/2017 to 10/26/2019

Fri., Oct. 25 10 am–3 pm
Sat., Oct. 26 10 am–4 pm

10/26/2019 to 10/27/2019

Sat., Oct. 26 10 am – 4 pm

Grades 3–12

Included with general admission

Celebrate National Chemistry Week with us at ChemFest! Chemistry is not limited to beakers and laboratories; it is all around us! See how chemistry is used in the workplace and in everyday life with engaging activities supervised by chemists from local businesses and universities.

Activities will include:

  • Unleash your inner mad scientist and conduct flame tests and hydrophobic sand experiments
  • Get gooey with an oobleck activity
  • Create your own etch-a-sketch
  • Explore the elements with an interactive periodic table
  • Build molecules with the Happy Atoms kit

School groups can reserve today by calling 412.237.3400.

For additional program information, call 412.237.1552.