• Science on the Road
  • Science on the Road
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Science on the Road

Assembly Programs
Assembly Programs

Assembly Programs
Best Value Science Experiences

Our science comes to you!

Educators are under a lot of pressure. We understand that it can be difficult to fit a field trip into your busy classroom schedule. That's why we've developed a wide array of cost-effective programs that require no legwork, little planning, and absolutely no school buses!

Science on the Road brings high-energy science programs and hands-on activities to your site. An exciting array of Best Value Science Experiences combine a dynamic, interactive assembly with hands-on Adventure Stations. Topics include chemistry, astronomy, health and the human body, robotics, ecology, energy, animals, and even the science of baseball. The same programs are available as stand-alone assembly programs. Every program is carefully tailored to the appropriate grade level and is aligned with national and Pennsylvania academic standards and anchors to help support your educational goals.

Check out the Shop 'n Save S.E.E.D. program as a way to bring assemblies to your school at no cost.

We also offer classroom-size programs, after-school programs, and outstanding Early Learner programs for the PreK set.

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Our goal: To ignite a passion for science in every student and provide convenient, superior science education opportunities to schools!

Check out our pricing offerings for preschoolers, homeschoolers, teachers, and everyone in between! Whether you're looking for a short assembly program, an all-day experience, or a weeklong camp for a group, we've got your kids covered.

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