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  • Science on the Road STEM-by-the-Hour
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Science on the Road

Science on the Road teacher and kids
Science on the Road


We bring science to your classroom!

Students love the fun, hands-on activities. Educators love the minds-on learning loaded with eligible content! STEM-by-the-Hour presentations allow you to expand on important themes in your curriculum right in the classroom!

Each program accommodates up to 30 students and can be adapted to fit a 45-minute class period.

Fee: $125 for each program.
Single programs available June-March.
2 program minimum April-May.

Travel fees may apply

Choose from the following programs:


Bubble Science
Content Themes: Chemistry, Forces and Interactions
Explore the nature of bubbles with amazing bubble blowers.

Chemical Concoctions
Grades K-3
Content Themes: Chemistry, States of Matter, Structure and Properties
Stir up some concoctions like silly putty and chalk to take home.

Chemistry in a Bag
Grades 3-5
Content Themes: Chemistry, States of Matter, Structure and Properties, Energy
Conduct experiments that produce exciting temperature-changing results.

Glow in the Dark
Grades 3-5
Content Themes: Chemistry, Physical Science, Waves of Energy
Explore how color and light interact when experimenting under black light with everyday objects.

Trouble in Fruitvale
Grades 3-6
Content Themes: Ecology, Environmental Science, Human Impacts, Chemistry
Investigate sources of water contamination and learn about environmental precautions and procedures.


Robot on a Mission
Grades K-2
Content Themes: Robotics, Engineering, Technology
Discover binary code by making a bookmark. Communicate with your fellow "robots" to get the job done.

Robots vs. Humans
Grades 3-6
Content Themes: Robotics, Engineering, Technology
Master the binary code, perform tasks without using your fingers and program a robotic car.


Space as Home Base
Grades K-2
Content Themes:  Astronomy, Physics, Forces and Interactions
Explore space, gravity and distance between objects in space.

Grades K-5
Content Themes: Astronomy, Space Systems, Physics, Chemistry
Reach for the stars by shooting off stomp rockets, Alka-Seltzer rockets and hit your target every time.

Spacewalking: Do you Have What It Takes?
Grades 3-5
Content Themes:  Astronomy, Physics, Human Endeavors
Discover the effects of pressure, high-speed impacts and more.


Junior Scientist-Engineer
Grades K-5
Content Themes: Engineering, Motion and Energy, Experimentation
Complete the tower challenge and make predictions about your beam and suspension bridges.

Build It
Grades K-5
Content Themes: Engineering, Forces, Experimentation, Forces and Interaction
Create sculptures, build arches and assemble other unique structures.

Engineering Challenge
Grades 4-6
Content Themes: Engineering, Careers in Science, Forces and Interaction
Test your engineering skills through different design challenges.