• Ion Jones and the Lost Castle of Chemistry
  • Closed all day Dec. 4, Dec. 25, and Jan. 1.

Science on the Road

Ion Jones and the Lost Castle of Chemistry

Discover the hidden treasures of chemistry in this action-packed, heart-pounding adventure! Team up with chemistry adventurer Ion Jones and real PPG scientists on a global quest to collect the elements. Journey to rain forests, deserts, glaciers, ancient temples, and prehistoric carbon deposits, and learn how we use chemistry in industry, biology, technology, and the environment. Is it a far stretch from the Pillar of Polymers? Can we escape the Cavern of Catalysts in time? By the time your students reach the Castle, they will have explored states of matter and observed chemistry in action—from chlorine to combustion. This interactive, multimedia chemistry demonstration is downright explosive!

Ion Jones Chemistry All-Day Adventure

Keep the excitement going all day long! The extraordinary journey begins with the Ion Jones and the Lost Castle of Chemistry assembly show, then move to Adevnture Stations that reinforce the concepts of acids and bases, mixing chemicals, and properties of matter with hands-on activities that kids love.

Our staff will be at your site for a full day. We can do All-Day Adventures for up to 480 students per day, two hours per class. $850, all inclusive!

What You'll Need:
- Two separate spaces, one for the assembly and one for the Adventure Stations
- 15–20 adult volunteers or high school students (Your Carnegie Science Center presenter will conduct a training workshop for volunteers 45 minutes before the first scheduled group.)

Grades: 1–8
Length: two hours per class. Science on the Road is at your site for a full day.
Capacity: 480 students per day.
Fee: $850, all inclusive

Ion Jones Hour-Long Adventure

If you're short on time or space, try one of these smaller (but still mighty!) assembly shows. Turn one of our all-day experiences into a program that works with your schedule and budget. These programs come with lots of great bells and whistles, just like our day-long programs. These short assemblies will make a huge impact on your students!

Capacity:  250 students
Time required: 45-60 minutes
Fee: $475, includes set-up and one presentation
$225 for each additional presentation

Our shows also are customized for the appropriate grade level and are aligned with national and Pennsylvania academic standards and anchors to help support your educational goals. We request that you do not book one of our programs for more than three consecutive grades at a time. To let your whole school in on the fun, book an All-Day Adventure or a multiple assemblies program.

For more info on this program or any of our offerings, call 412.237.3374.

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