Discovery Days

These fun presentations allow you to expand on important themes in your curriculum with engaging hands-on activities.

Capacity: 30 students
Time required: 45 minutes
Fee: $120 for each presentation.

K The Tools of Science
Experiment with tools used by real scientists and mathematicians!
Making Sense of Sound
Examine the science behind our sense of sound in unique ways.
Lift, Squeeze, Stretch, & Twist
Investigate how toys generate energy and how forces change their movement.
Bubble Science
Explore the nature of bubbles with amazing bubble blowers
Space as Home Base
Explore space, gravity, and distance between objects in space.
1–2 Clean Water Quest
Discover the impact we make on water.
Fight, Flight, or Fool
Dig up some dirt about survival techniques used by insects.
Circuit City
Experience magnetism and electricity at work.
Chemical Concoctions
Stir up some concoctions to take home.
Weather the Storm
View the water cycle in action, then cook up a storm.
3–4 Our Changing Earth
Learn about climate change, create your own glacier, and watch it melt.
What Tracks Tell Us
Examine animal tracks to discover habits and adaptations of North American wildlife.
Lift Off
Get the scoop on Bernoulli's Principle to lift objects.
Chem in a Bag
Conduct experiments that produce exciting temperature-changing results.
Spacewalking: Do You Have What It Takes?
Discover the effects of pressure, high-speed impacts, and more.
5–6 Color & Light
Discover what stars are made of, and create your own kaleidoscope.
Who Are You?
How do you chromosomes and genes make you... well, you?
Sparks Anyone?
Witness shocking experiments that create noise and great visual effects.
Chemical Creations
Investigate different kinds of slime through experimentation.
Saving Our Planet
Learn ways we can protect the Earth through a scavenger hunt and more.