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Science on the Road

Colossal Fossil Fuels

Content themes:
Regional geology, energy

For grades Pre-K – 8

Hop aboard the "Geovator" and journey with guide Cliff Granite deep into the Earth seeking Marcellus Shale while learning about energy resources. Cliff Granite puts the Prehistoric Pendulum in motion to take the audience back in time all the way to the Devonian period.

Colossal Fossil Fuels aims to bring high-energy, hands-on activities to your students.

  • Students discover that an ocean once covered what is now Pennsylvania, in an era before the dinosaurs. The algae in that ocean transformed over millions of years into the methane – or natural gas – now stored in the Marcellus Shale.
  • From that point their journey moves forward in time, through the Pennsylvanian period, the Jurassic period, the Cretaceous, the Pleistocene, and finally the Holocene.
  • Along the way, they meet some of the dinosaurs and other animals that populate each period, and discover that the ferns and flowering plants that these creatures ate were compressed over the millennia into coal. They see some giant fossils but learn that it wasn't the colossal dinosaur fossils that have become fossil fuels.
  • Returning to the present, the tour visits Rockbuster Rig, where students discover the use of sound and electricity to locate underground fuel deposits, see a demonstration of the power of natural gas, and learn the process of extracting natural gas from the ground.

Colossal Fossil Fuels Best Value All-Day Adventure

Keep the excitement going all day long! The journey begins with the Colossal Fossil Fuels assembly show, then moves to Adventure Stations where all the key concepts will be reinforced with hands-on activities that kids love.

Our staff will be at your site for a full day. We can do All-Day Adventures for up to 480 students per day, two hours per class. $850, all inclusive!

What You'll Need:

  • Two separate spaces, one for the assembly and one for the Adventure Stations
  • 15–20 adult volunteers or high school students (Your Carnegie Science Center presenter will conduct a training workshop for volunteers 45 minutes before the first scheduled group.)

Grades: 1–8
Length: two hours per class. Science on the Road is at your site for a full day.
Capacity: 480 students per day.
Fee: $850, all inclusive

Colossal Fossil Fuels Hour-Long Adventure

If you're short on time or space, try one of these smaller (but still mighty!) assembly shows. Turn one of our all-day experiences into a program that works with your schedule and budget. These programs come with lots of great bells and whistles, just like our day-long programs. These short assemblies will make a huge impact on your students!

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