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Science on the Road

Science on the Road teacher and kids
Science on the Road

Kids enjoying an assembly show
Assembly Shows

Best Value Science Experiences

Keep the excitement going for hours with our All-Day Science Experiences! Our dynamic science shows are jam-packed with spectacular science, awe-inspiring demos, and hands-on activities that students will love—and that reinforce science concepts!

Our staff will be at your site for a full day and can accommodate up to 480 students per day, two hours per class.

For grades 1-8
Capacity: 480 students
Time Required: 45 minutes
Fee: $850

What you'll need:

Two breaks during the school day: One hour for the assembly and 45 minutes for the adventure stations. 12–15 adult volunteers, students, or combination of both. (Your Science Center presenter will conduct a training workshop for volunteers 45 minutes before the first scheduled group.)

NEW! Grand Slam Science

Batter up! Discover the science behind America's favorite pastime, from the physics behind your favorite pitches to the science of the perfect swing. Step up to the plate for exciting demonstrations that will leave your students ahead of the curve! Find a bat's "sweet spot," measure reaction time, or predict a ball's trajectory. Our science scoreboard features the Pittsburgh Pirates, slow motion footage, and animations illustrating the physiology of the human body and the aerodynamics of a baseball in flight. You'll be "rootin' for Newton" through nine interactive "innings" of physics fun. Round the bases with a legendary line up of live demonstrations, then slide into home for a fireworks finish that's sure to be a blast!

This show was developed in partnership with Chevron and Pirates Charities

Grand Slam Science

NEW! Anatomy Adventure

Anatomy Academy wants YOU! Our "cranium commander" will train your brain as you participate in exciting live demonstrations about health and the human body.

Take a fantastic voyage the bloodstream to learn about human body systems through the "eyes" of a miniature robotic probe. On this Body Trek, explore the workings of internal organs through live demonstrations. Discover the science behind your gut reactions. Explore the heart, lungs, stomach, kidneys, skeletal muscles, eyes and brain. Meet local medical experts and discover innovations in medicine, from cryogenics to lasers. Learn how positive food and fitness choices help to build a better body from the inside out! All Systems Go!

Produced in partnership with:
Allegheny Health Network


Content themes: Astronomy, Physics, Technology, Environmental Science

This theater-style assembly show will employs large-scale props, costumes, banners, stunning visual imagery, and live physics and chemistry demonstrations, as well as audience participation, to immerse students in a futuristic journey through the Solar System.

A 10-minute, full-dome digital planetarium show – a "fly-through" of the Sun/Earth environment – is incorporated through the use of a portable digital planetarium system.

Ten hands-on learning stations – including tabletop explorations for individual students, as well as small groups – reinforce and further develop the scientific concepts related to heliophysics and the Solar Dynamic Observatory that are introduced in the assembly show. Grades K-8.

Living with Our Star in partnership with NASA

Wild By Design: Innovations from A to Zoo

Content themes: Zoology, Physics, Engineering, Regional Science

When engineers want to make something better, faster, or stronger, they look for the answer in nature! Join local zookeepers, chemists, and robot designers (and some on-screen zoo animals) on a biomimetic adventure to discover technology inspired by the natural world. Explore how the physics of whale flippers are improving wind turbine designs, and test a "gravity-defying" slow motion slinky to study how innovative robot arms are inspired by an elephant's trunk.

Produced in partnership with PPG

PPG logo

Special thanks to Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium

PPG Grants Available

Learn how a Public Education Leadership Community (PELC) grant can provide the financial support for your school to participate in educational outreach activities. Go to PPGFoundation.com to find out more.

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