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Field Trips

Foreign Language Teachers!

Forces of Nature

During February 2015, foreign language film screenings of the show Forces of Nature will be available in French or Spanish at Rangos Omnimax Theater!

In Forces of Nature, audiences will experience the spectacle of tornadoes, floods, erupting volcanoes, and hurricanes – and their aftermath.

Viewers will also gain insight, as they learn how these natural disasters occur and what scientists and engineers are doing to predict and prepare for events and to minimize damage in the future. Audiences will be inspired as they meet courageous survivors determined to rebuild.

$7 per person

Download the movie scripts.



Make a day of it!

Include all the exhibits of the Science Center plus a planetarium show (Two Small Pieces of Glass) and a scavenger hunt – in Spanish or French! Two Small Pieces of Glass is available in Spanish, French, or German. It's an enchanting show about telescopes at Buhl Planetarium.

$14 per student, $6 per required adult, $14 per additional adult

Download the planetarium scripts.



Scavenger Hunt

Check back for a copy of the French and Spanish scavenger hunt, which you can print out for your students to use here at the Science Center. The scavenger hunt gives students a chance to practice their translation skills while they learn some science.

Print out these scavenger hunts for your students to use here at the Science Center to practice their translation skills while they learn some science.

Download the scavenger hunts.

French (Teacher copy with English)

French (Student copy)

Spanish (Teacher copy with English)

Spanish (Student copy)

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