• Closed Tuesdays through March 31.
    USS Requin is closed through March 1.

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Field Trips

Field Trip Exhibits

All four floors of hands-on exhibits are included in the group rate of just $8 per student!


Content themes: Physical Science, Technology, Astronomy, Engineering, Environmental Science
Explore SpacePlace and be an astronaut-in-training! Discover artifacts, mission patches, and even a flight suit. Learn about the effects that gravity and friction place on our environment and complete tasks like a real astronaut at the Micro-G simulator. Tour a two-story, walk-in replica of the International Space Station, see a 1/3 scale model of Hubble Space Telescope, and strap into climbing gear to experience "weightlessness!"

Highmark SportsWorks®

Content themes: Physical Science, Biology, Human Endeavors, Health & Nutrition, Science & Technology, Engineering & Technology.
Highmark SportsWorks® provides the perfect opportunity to use kids' love of sports as a gateway to talk about the foundational science concepts related to sports, physical activity, and health. As your students roam the gallery, they will explore and discover the physics of sports, nutrition and health, and try our exciting sports challenges. Your students won't just learn the science-they'll experience it!

Exploration Station

Content themes: Physical Science, Engineering & Technology
Students will observe, experience, and quantify the scientific concepts behind directing an animated video, designing an electric circuit, harnessing the power of water, and more! Immerse your students in hands-on exploration that encourages open-ended inquiry and problem solving.

Exploration Station, Jr.

Content themes: Physical Science, Early Learners
Students in preschool through kindergarten will enjoy using machines in the ball factory, building structures in the construction zone, and manipulating water in Exploration Station, Jr. Play is serious research for young scientists-it's how they learn the laws that govern our physical world. When booking, ask about reserving this exhibit space.

Miniature Railroad & Village®

Presented by Bombardier
Content themes: History, Human Endeavors, Engineering & Technology, Environmental Science, Mathematics, Early Learners
Be amazed as speeding locomotives travel western Pennsylvania's miniature landscape, while the seasons and days pass in the matter of minutes. This extraordinary exhibit features more than 2,000 miniature replicas and more than 100 animated characters and scenes. See why the Miniature Railroad continues to be a long-standing Pittsburgh tradition.


Content themes: Human Endeavors, Mathematics, Engineering & Technology
Gear up for a bot-tastic time with more than two dozen exhibition stations all about how robots think, sense, and act. Challenge a binary being in a game of air hockey or basketball, and rub elbows with some of Hollywood's most famous robots.

USS Requin

Content themes: Engineering & Technology, History, Mathematics, Physical Science, Human Endeavors
Dive into science aboard a real Cold War-era submarine! Interactive kiosks and recreated living quarters give visitors an authentic sense of how our country's Navy veterans lived and the technologies they used. The submarine will be closed weekdays December through February; it will reopen March.

Zeiss Model II Star Projector

Content themes: History, Science & Technology, Human Endeavors, Astronomy
The Zeiss Model II Star Projector, originally used from 1939-1991 at the original Buhl Planetarium and Institute of Popular Science, has reappeared at Carnegie Science Center. The exhibit features interactive exhibits and a 'time machine' where you can select any year from 1939 to today and see what was happening in the world of astronomy during that year. Made possible by: The Buhl Foundation

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