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Peirce SkyWatch Scholarship
Peirce SkyWatch Scholarships are available to qualifying schools for field trip experiences that include a planetarium show. Call 412.237.3400, the press 7, for more information.

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New! Astronaut
Opens December 2012

Content themes: Space, Gravity, Human Body Systems, Technological Designs
Systems, Technological Designs Discover what it takes to be an astronaut! Learn about astronaut training, experience a rocket launch from inside the body, and discover the perils that lurk in space.
Grades 4-6

The Little Star that Could
Content themes: Solar System, Stars & Galaxies
Learn about the Sun, Moon, planets, and stars as you try to discover the identity of a very special yellow star.
Grades: 1–3

Navigating with Lewis & Clark
Content themes: Stars & Galaxies, Navigation, History
Discover the first great scientific expeditions of our young nation as we explore how Lewis and Clark used both the day and night sky to find their way in the wilderness. Students will learn about the patterns of Earth's movement, rotation, and revolution.
Grades: 4–9

Tissue Engineering for Life: Dr. Allevable's Unbelievable Laboratory
Content themes: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Technology
Explore how doctors are using the revolutionary new technology of tissue engineering to heal diseased and damaged tissue, and using cell replication to heal bones and heart muscles. Students will learn about the structures in a living cell during this enlightening show.
Grades: 4–12

Revealing the Universe
Content themes: Stars & Galaxies, Technology
Take an exciting journey of discovery through a remarkable blend of science, art, and entertainment that dramatically communicates the latest breakthroughs in our quest to understand the universe.
Grades: 4–12

New! Infinity Express
Content themes: Space, Gravity, Stars & Galaxies, Solar System, Technological Designs
Infinity Express will take your students on an exciting journey of discovery through space and time. The show touches on recent exploratory missions and the future of space exploration, the search for life—both in the present and past—in our solar system, exoplanets, and stellar evolution. Audiences will get a taste of mapping and understanding galaxy clusters, witness galactic interactions (collisions), and the search for the nature of dark matter.
Grades 4-12

Digital Universe
Content themes: Earth, Solar System, Stars & Galaxies, Microorganisms
Human beings exist at the midpoint between the infinitesimally small atom and incomprehensibly large universe. Using the stunning graphic capabilities of the Buhl Digital Planetarium, travel this continuum from beyond our solar system and even beyond our own Milky Way Galaxy to the farthest reaches of our cosmos.
Grades: 6–12

IBEX: Search for the Edge of the Solar System
Content themes: Solar System, Space Exploration, Stars & Galaxies
Students will join scientists who are investigating the boundary between our Solar System and the rest of our galaxy as they get an in-depth look at the mission and how NASA's Interstellar Boundary Explorer (IBEX) space probe is collecting high-speed atoms to create a map of our Solar System's boundary.
Grades: 7–12

The Christmas Star
Content themes: Stars & Galaxies, Solar System
In this wondrous holiday tradition, students will learn about the structure, formation, and life cycle of stars and discover the familiar patterns of stars in the night sky.
Grades: 1–9

The Sky Above Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
Content themes: Solar System
Explore familiar objects in the sky with Mister Rogers and your favorite characters from the Neighborhood of Make-Believe.
Grades: PreK–1

One World, One Sky: Big Bird's Adventure
Content themes: Astronomy, Space Exploration
Based on the popular children's show Sesame Street®, this cross-cultural planetarium show provides an introduction to astronomy as Elmo and his friend, Hu Hu Zhu, a Muppet from the Chinese production of Sesame Street, go on an exciting adventure to discover the Sun, Moon,and stars. At the end of the show, Big Bird, Elmo,and Hu Hu Zhu pick a friendship star.
Grades: PreK–2
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Zeke's Dazzling Sky
Content themes: Solar System
Join Zeke, the friendly alien, as you look closely at the daytime and nighttime skies and sing songs about the weather, stars, and rainbows.
Grades: PreK–2

Beginners' Guide to the Universe
Content themes: Solar System, Stars & Galaxies
Go on a guided tour of the night sky without leaving Pittsburgh! You'll travel beyond our solar system and beyond our own Milky Way Galaxy to the farthest reaches of our cosmos.
Grades: 3–6

Circus in the Stars
Content themes: Solar System, Stars & Galaxies
Using the Big Top as the backdrop, tour the constellations. Watch as major seasonal star patterns are transformed into their circus counterparts. Learn about the structure, formation, and life cycle of stars as they discover the familiar patterns of stars in the night sky.
Grades: 3–6

Two Small Pieces of Glass
Content themes: Space Exploration, Solar System, Astronomy
Learn how telescopes have helped us understand our place in space and how they continue to expand our understanding of the Universe. Students will explore the history of the telescope and get a glimpse of the Galilean Moons, Saturn's rings, and more.
Grades: 4–9

A Traveler's Guide to Mars
Content themes: Solar System, Earth, Space Exploration
Journey to the once-mysterious surface of Mars and get a sneak peek at research that will pave the way for a human expedition to the Red Planet. Compare and contrast the geological and watery histories of Earth and Mars in a search for evidence that microbiotic life may have evolved on Mars in the past.
Grades: 4–12

Far Out Space Places
Content themes: Solar System, Space Exploration
Students will go on a virtual vacation as they witness extreme destinations like the Mariner Valley on Mars, experience the winds of Neptune, and visit the original lunar landing site of the Apollo astronauts.
Grades: 4–12, tailored to specific grades

Stars Over Pittsburgh
Content themes: Celestial Patterns, Solar System, Stars & Galaxies, Regional Science
Take a guided tour through the current night sky. Students will learn how to locate the planets and constellations in their own back yard, as well as the phases of the Moon. It's a dazzling, up-to-the-minute display of the cosmos.
Grades: 4–6

A Brief Mystery of Time Laser Show
Content themes: Time, Space, Gravity, Light, Black Holes
Have you ever asked yourself, "What is time?" Learn about the science, history, and cultural perceptions of time in this awesome LASER light show. Explore black holes, worm holes, the speed of light, and the possibilities of time travel. Entertaining songs keep the mood light. Time is sure to fly when you're having this much fun!