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Science on the Road teacher and students
Science on the Road

Inside the Classroom and Out, Informal Education Is What We're About!

Looking for a special science program brought straight to your school? We can do that. Want to take advantage of unique professional development opportunities? We’ve got you covered. Planning a field trip filled with eligible content themes that will get your students excited about science? Carnegie Science Center is the place to be!

Field Trips

Field trips to the Science Center provide the type of inspiration that carries students back to the classroom primed and ready to learn. Explore our offerings for students, from pre-K through high school.

Bring Science To Your School

Our dynamic Science on the Road program brings high-energy educational programming to your location for kids in grades pre-K – 8. Discover how a school-wide assembly or classroom-sized program can enhance learning at your location.

STEM Education Central

The Science Center is an essential part of the STEM education ecosystem, supporting classroom learning with hands-on, inquiry-based exploration. Learning outside the classroom helps students relate in-school studies to potential careers in STEM – science, technology, engineering, and math. That's why we established the Chevron Center for STEM Education and Career Development.

Students have a chance to show off their science skills and compete for cool prizes at our STEM competitions.

Lifelong Learning and Professional Development

We offer educator resources to help you connect your experience with our programs to what you do in the classroom.

Sharpen your STEM pedagogy skills with our Teaching Excellence Academy.