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STEM Program 2015-2016

Act 48 Offerings

Workshops at Educators' Locations, Dates upon request.

Pre-K Teachers

Soapy Science – 1.5 hours

Why is soap so good at getting dirt off our hands? What else can we use it for? Explore the answer to these questions and more with fun, hands-on soapy science experiments developed especially for the Pre-K classroom.

On a Roll with Ramps – 1.5 hours

Roll, bounce, and slide along with your preschoolers as they discover how to use forces and motion to make their balls roll faster! Investigate the different types of ramps in this hands-on workshop, and learn how to make your own for classroom use.

Creative Use and Reuse – 1.5 hours

Not all your science tools need to be ordered from a catalog! Discover new ways to use and reuse classroom materials and recyclables for science investigations in this hands-on workshop.

Approaches to Inquiry: Creating quality hands-on science experiences in the Pre-K classroom – 3 hours

This participatory session explores current best practices for hands-on early childhood classroom science. Join us as we examine the use of inquiry and the scientific method through exciting, hands-on science experiences, investigating the value of open-ended questioning for Pre-K scientific exploration. Come away with some new ways of thinking about science for Pre-K.

Contact: Wendy Brenneman at BrennemanW@CarnegieScienceCenter.Org or 412‑208-5043.