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Carnegie Science Awards

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Advanced Manufacturing Award

Presented by Kennametal Inc.
The Advanced Manufacturing Award recognizes accomplishments in the use of automation, innovative processes, and technology to achieve extraordinary levels of process control and product quality.

Advanced Materials Award

Presented by Kennametal Inc.
The Advanced Materials Award recognizes accomplishments in materials science that create new materials or properties leading to significant business, economic, or societal benefits for the region.

Science Communicator Award

Presented by WTAE 4
The Science Communicator Award recognizes individual achievement or team collaboration in a body of communications or journalistic work, during the course of a year or longer, that presents science and technology news and issues via any medium, including new media.

Catalyst Award

Presented by Orionvega
The Catalyst Award recognizes individuals and organizations who have come to exemplify an area of science because of the actions they have taken to create public awareness over a broad swath of society, pioneered by people like Rachel Carson in the environment, Red Whittaker in robotics, and Alan Russell in regenerative medicine.

Corporate Innovation Award

Presented by Eaton
The Corporate Innovation Award is given to an organization or representative of an organization that develops and encourages an environment that promotes innovation in science or technology. Our evaluators look for systems and policies that foster creativity and maximize the contributions of all individuals. Scoring criteria in past years have included the level and quantity of scientific innovation, organizational commitment to innovation, the impact on the reputation of the region, and realized and potential economic or employment benefit. Supplementary materials are welcome.

Educator Awards

Educator Awards recognize innovation in science and technology education at each of the following four levels: Elementary Educator; Middle Level Educator; High School, and University/Post-secondary Educator. Educators are recognized for innovation in inspiring students to understand, appreciate, and apply science, and for the extent that these innovations are disseminated. Candidates must have at least three years teaching experience.

Elementary Educator Award

Presented by Chevron

Middle School Educator Award

Presented by Allegheny Health Network

High School Educator Award

Presented by FedEx Ground

Leadership in STEM Education Award

Presented by Chevron
The Leadership in STEM Education Award recognizes an individual, team, or organization that demonstrates leadership in building literacy in science, technology, engineering and math.

University / Post-Secondary Student Award

Presented by Campos Inc.
The University/Post-Secondary Student Award recognizes students working towards an associates, bachelors, masters, or doctoral degree and whose body of work demonstrates scientific advances through research, effectiveness in increasing the public awareness of the role of science or engineering to society, and inspiration of youth to consider career opportunities in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and/or mathematics).

Emerging Female Scientist Award

Presented by Eaton
The Emerging Female Scientist Award recognizes a female leader whose cutting-edge work inspires change in math, science, or technology. The awardee is generally at an independent stage of her career whose emerging impact is reflected in an upward career trajectory. As such, nominators may wish to comment on recent publications or projects that demonstrate this upward trajectory.

Entrepreneur Award

Presented by Braskem
The Entrepreneur Awards recognize two entrepreneurs who have successfully commercialized research in science and technology to develop businesses and create jobs. Each award focuses on a different stage of the company life cycle.

Start-Up Entrepreneur Award

Presented by Pittsburgh Technology Council
The Start-Up Entrepreneur Award recognizes leadership in developing a promising innovation in an early-stage company.

Environmental Award

Presented by Bayer
The Environmental Award recognizes outstanding achievements in the fields of environmental protection and restoration that benefit the economy, health, and quality of life in our region.

Information Technology Award

Presented by Pittsburgh Business Times
The Information Technology Award recognizes innovation in the development and commercialization of an information technology-based solution resulting in significant business impact.

Life Sciences Award

The Life Sciences Award recognizes and honors scientific advances in new and innovative biomedical and life sciences endeavors.

Student Recognition

Winners of the Annual Pittsburgh Regional Science and Engineering Fair are recognized in the following categories: Junior Division; Intermediate Division; and Senior Division.

Junior Division Award

Presented by Bombardier

Intermediate Division Award

Presented by NOVA Chemicals

Senior Division Award

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