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  • We will be closed all day on Monday, December 25.

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Space Out! Astronomy Weekend

Cost: Free with Admission
Date: Mar 25, 2017 Daily until Mar 26, 2017

Discover how to navigate the stars, get an up-close look at moon rocks and meteorites, and learn all about telescopes in a weekend that's out of this world! Explore space through hands-on activities, interactive tables, and special guests, and travel through the universe in the Buhl Planetarium.

Space Out! Astronomy Weekend showcases the astronomy that happens at the Science Center, as well as the latest astronomical news, tools and hands-on activities visitors can experience throughout the year.

Activities include special presentations in the Buhl Planetarium and the chance to SAFELY observe the sun.

Other displays, activities, and exhibitors include:

  • Astronomy displays and literature
  • NASA's Night Sky Network
  • Hands on Moon Rocks and Meteorites
  • Amateur Astronomers Association of Pittsburgh
  • Nicholas E. Wagman Observatory
  • Mingo Creek Park Observatory
  • Amateur Telescope Making
  • Scopes and Photos
  • Digital Cameras and Video Astronomy
  • Computer Controlled Telescopes
  • Solar System Displays
  • Astronomy Sketching
  • National Radio Astronomy Observatory at Green Bank WVA
  • Make a comet
  • Make Mars soil
  • Make a sundial
  • Make a star clocks
  • Saturday programs in the Buhl Planetarium include:

    Noon – Amazing Stats of the Universe presented by Eric Fischer

    Take a different look at the Sun, planets, stars, and galaxies! Learn mind-boggling facts in easy-to-understand language that will leave you amazed at the cosmos around us.

    1 pm - Pulsar Search Collaborative presented by Sarah Kolberg

    Join producer and director Sarah Kolberg as she explains how high school students are using radio astronomy data from the Green Bank Telescope to search for pulsars. Also see a screening of Kolberg's film little green men about the Pulsar Search Collaborative.

    3 pm - In Search of 96% of the Universe presented by Dr. Andrew Zentner

    Dr. Andrew Zentner from the University of Pittsburgh's Particle physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology Center, will be your guide through important milestones in the evolution of the Universe. He will also discuss the new mysteries posed by modern data that implies that 96% of the Universe is in the form of matter and energy that has yet to be discovered.

    4 pm - Beginners Guide to the Universe

    Using the stunning graphic capabilities of the Buhl Planetarium, take a guided tour of the night sky and travel beyond our solar system and even beyond our own Milky Way Galaxy to the farthest reaches of our cosmos.

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