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Space Out! Astronomy Weekend

Cost: Free with Admission
Date: Oct 11, 2014 Daily until Oct 12, 2014

At SpaceOut! Astronomy Weekend, the planetarium takes center stage, offering visitors the chance to travel through the universe and to see a special presentation commemorating the Buhl's history. Astronomy fans can discover how to navigate the stars, learn about telescopes, explore space through hands-on activities, and get an up-close look at meteorites and Moon rocks. Guests can talk to local astronomers, discover what's new in the universe, make a sundial, watch the show "It Came From Outer Space," and learn about astronomical sketching.

SpaceOut! activities run from 10 am – 4 pm all weekend and are included with general admission.

Weather permitting, experts will guide Safe Solar Observing, offering the chance to examine sunspots and other solar phenomena, from 11 am – 4 pm all weekend, outside the Science Center.

Weather permitting, SkyWatch will run from 9 – 10:30 pm on Friday and Saturday in the observatory, complete with a 16-inch telescope to see amazing celestial objects. SkyWatch costs $2.

On Saturday, speakers will discuss astronomy topics in the planetarium:

Stargazing, Myths, and Ancient Folklore presented by Larry McHenry, noon
Larry McHenry, from the Kiski Astronomers, will present an introduction to the constellations and their human interpretations across the ages. Discover the meaning of the constellations and some of the ancient myths and folklore of the night sky.

Tour of the Universe presented by Dr. Shirley Ho, 1 pm
Join cosmologists from Carnegie Mellon University on a tour of the universe, starting from Earth, our solar system, other galaxies and black holes, and finally the edge of the universe. Passengers on this tour are encouraged to inquire and question what we think we know.

What Will Happen to the Universe? presented by Dr. Andrew Zentner, 2 pm
Dr. Andrew Zentner, from the University of Pittsburgh's Particle Physics, Astrophysics, and Cosmology Center, will describe the effort of astronomers to determine what causes the acceleration of the expansion of the universe. He'll also discuss their efforts to learn what may happen to our universe in the future.

Buhl Planetarium 75th Anniversary Presentation, 3 pm
The Planetarium presentation will focus on the Buhl's history, star identification, and recognition of the newly named "Henrybuhl" asteroid, a name bestowed by The International Astronomical Union this summer.

On Sunday, a Buhl anniversary cake will be cut at 2 pm with slices available while supplies last.

You're guaranteed to have a blast!

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